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About Us

Photron brand of photographic accessories is solely owned and developed by Photronics Inc.

Photron aims to provide photographers with affordable, excellent quality photographic accessories which are a must for any photographer. As of now we have developed and launched Photron range of Tripods and Cleaning Materials and are in the process of introducing Filters, Binoculars and Telescopes.

Now, coming back to the reason why we market our products directly to dealers rather than distributors (and getting a wider reach), is yes, we can keep prices low by bypassing the distributor. But, a bigger and more important reason is engagement with the consumer. We need to ensure that the dealers understand the use and compatibility of our products and they are able to properly convey this message to buyers. Photographic equipment for the professional or the amateur is not cheap. There is a plethora of accessories available in the market, quality dictates price, buying low quality products would be self defeating, what we sell is compatibility for consumers’ equipment.

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